Portland portable bar and bartenders for your wedding!


Rent a tap trailer for your wedding or party

Most popular for weddings and parties

Tap trailer rentals with your wedding bartender in Portland. Our tap trailers can pour your favirite cocktail, beer, wine, cider, and even soda!  

“The old hunter” tap trailer

Easy pours for your beer, wine, cider, etc. at your wedding!

This rustic tap trailer bar with it’s classic look and 1930s essence will be a perfect conversation starter for your guests! Rent by itself or add a bartender for your wedding or party! 


Mai Tai Hawaii Bar

50’s Hawaii style beach tap trailer!

 Coming soon… Vintage 57‘ Chevy “Aloha” tap trailer with a tropical twist!

Inspired by the magical beaches of the Big Island, Hawaii, let your guests will be infused with the essence of this 50’s beach trailer. 

This small piece of paradise will not only pour beer, cider, and wine through a hand crafted wooden surfboard, it will make your guests think they are on vacation from the real world! 



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